About Us

We don’t know when it will be our time to leave this life. So we strive to get the best out of our life instead of worrying about how many years we are going to live.

Longevity Ruler was born out of the passion from a group of longevity enthusiasts seeking to inspire and guide fellow humans to achieve the most of life with the best possible self-awareness, health, environment, meaningful relationships, life purpose, job satisfaction, etc.

To rule longevity, consider that every single minute of our life is marking it. Tic toc, tic toc. Our goal is to help visualize where consumers stand about their quality of life and what they can do about it.

Maybe consumers want to celebrate their 100th birthday someday. Or they may prefer instead to live a life in full with the least amount of suffering regardless of the number of years they get to live. There is no right or wrong approach to what they decide to do about their longevity.

Build a positive attitude toward longevity by removing the word “aging.” It is truly about living!

Measuring the impact of longer lives

A longer life has an impact on how an individual lives, works, and plays. Longevity is not only the number of years a person is expected or want to live. It is a complex integration of factors that affects how the person experience life, society, and the world.

Picture of the Grin Reaper using the Longevity Ruler to measure life

We inspire people to achieve a good quality of life based on their unique journey.

We share knowledge that leads an individual to embrace the opportunities and rewards in life.

We offer support to help individuals find a meaningful life and well-being.

We build connections with our business partners to promote their brands and products with people eager to rule their longevity.

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