Do you have FOGO (Fear of Getting Older)?

Image of a woman using virtual augmented reality

Picture this: Emily is a Millennial  rocking a snazzy pair of virtual reality glasses, swaying to her favorite tunes as a holographic DJ spins AI music and records in her living room. She glances at the calendar and realizes she has just hit the ripe age of 70 in 2050. She’s still out there, living life to the fullest, defying gravity, and embracing every wacky adventure that comes her way. Life at 70? It’s a wild ride, she enjoys it!

Longevity is not only about how many years you are expected to live, rather it is about the many great years you get to live.

Longevity Ruler with the help of the Grin Reaper measures how you can live your life in full and not how fast you age.

Yes it is grin, not grim. Reap grins –  the unrestricted broad smiles in life.

Mapping the Longevity Path

Longevity starts at conception, not when hitting old age.

Longevity is a unique and personal journey from birth to death that is shaped by many factors of life.

Graphic showing keys aspects of longevity: home, education, health, occupation, income, relationships, environment, and purpose in life

By the way, how is your longevity going?

Image of the Longevity Ruler Grin Reaper icon measuring the age of a woman

Longevity Ruler is an informative place that unlocks the infinite potential within the longevity space.

It fuels minds, ignites creativity, and empowers life – from health and the environment to an education, career, and purpose in life.

It serves as a gateway to access great expertise services to propel an awesome longevity for people.

Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey building lives in full with Longevity Ruler!

Meet the Future

Longevity in Numbers


Years, average life expectancy in the world

1 in 6

People aged 60 years or older by 2030


Billion people between 35-59 years old in 2030


Average sick years in old age (Oh my!)

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