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What the heck! The journey of living longer can be challenging. While we are told to have the most positive attitude and look at the brighter side of things, there is no doubt that there are both unpleasant things and inspirational situations that most of us will encounter in some form or other.

Where to start? Well, here is a quiz of those things – mindset and environment that everybody knows but we fail to recognize. The quiz is expected to stir your deeper thinking with the purpose to accept, embrace, and find ways to improve your longevity.

What can I start doing today so when I am about 60, 70, or 80 in 2050 I will be…


The Longevity Ruler

Start measuring your longevity mindset. This quiz will reveal how many potential years you are adding to your longevity based on some basic quality of life markers. Dare to spare a maximum of 20 seconds to answer each question to capture your instant mindset about your current life.

Be true to yourself, otherwise you will be lying to yourself. There is only one wrong answer: a lie.

Disclaimer: The goal is to capture the longevity mindset only. While health status is one of the major components of longevity, the quiz avoids any specific health related questions to comply with regulatory disclosure. No personal information is collected and shared with third-parties. The weight of the responses is based on quality of life values that may have an impact on longevity.

I am afraid of dying.

You don’t know when your time to depart will come. Appreciate what life has to give to you today.

I feel stressed or anxious most of the time.

Chronic stress or high levels of anxiety may be important contributors to your aging.

I tend to be bored often.

Having an unengaged mind is not healthy. It may lead to procrastination, anxiety, and depression.

I like my job or my occupation.

Not liking your job or occupation increases your daily stress, so it may negatively affect your longevity.

I do something fun every day, even if it is a small thing.

Even small things in life like petting a dog or putting up a picture on the wall can bring a sparkle of fun in your life.

I enjoy spending time at home.

Home should be a place to feel safe, comfortable, and happy. You spend at least a third part of your life at home.

I am physically active or walk at least 20 minutes every day.

Staying physically active and/or walking promotes well-being. Your gait and speed of your walk reflects your longevity. The faster you walk shows a more youthful longevity.

I am thankful for all the good things I have, even if little.

Every day there is something to be grateful for, even if it is for being alive and seeing another day.

I have no good close friends.

Having at least one close friendship lifts your spirits up and the lookout of life.

I am afraid of getting sick to avoid paying large medical bills.

Getting sick can be costly. Insurance companies are decreasing the coverage of healthcare services, while national health systems are seeing their coffers shrink to be able to offer good healthcare services to their citizens.

I take a vacation or days off every year.

It is good to decompress from work as it reenergizes the mind and body. Even if it just an staycation.

I like my bedroom. It makes me feel comfortable and safe.

This is the place to reenergize every day. It should feel inviting, comfortable, cozy, and awesome.

I know what I want in life and my purpose.

If you know your purpose in life, congratulations! Not many people are aware of their purpose in life as just they keep chasing for the golden carrot. What do you want to achieve in life?

I feel sad or down frequently.

While sadness or feeling down may happen once in a while, being continuously sad or down may be a sign of depression.

I visit a park or spend time outdoors at least twice a week.

Spending time outdoors clears out the mind and enhances wellness.

I get tired very easily.

Find out the cause – overworked, lack of good sleep, underlying medical condition, or other.

I live in an area of high pollution.

Environmental pollution increases your risk to chronic diseases or cancer. Read the air pollution, water, and soil reports from your community to familiarize yourself with the environmental health surrounding you.

I regularly visit local museums or attractions, or attend community events.

Feeling connected with the community and/or its attractions can help build a sense of belonging in your life.

I argue with people frequently. I don’t like people.

Differences of opinion abound, yet pick your battles and decide if any argument is worth winning. The more you argue, the more miserable you will feel and waste your precious life.

I listen to music every day.

Music is food to the soul and enlightens life. It can relax you, it may bring your mood up, or it may bring great memories.

I read or learn something interesting every day.

Your brain needs engagement and food for thought. An enlighten mind can boost your mood to make you appreciate life more.

I envy people in social media.

As a social creature you may tend to compare yourself with other people. While it is positive to learn from others, comparisons with your current situation may be detrimental to your mental health.

I lie to others and myself to get out of situations.

Lying not only is bad, but also creates a good amount of anxiety and stress with the prospect of being caught in the lie. Being vulnerable and telling the truth is hard, but not impossible. Find internal peace by not lying.

I have trouble saying “no”.

Perhaps you are a very kind and person who likes to tend to or please others. Yet, not speaking out may create anger, resentment, and anxiety that affects your longevity.

I have enough money or savings for retirement.

As the retirement age increases with a lack of job opportunities, the good prospects of having enough money to retire comfortably are disappearing. What can you do today to start saving money today no matter your age?

I no longer love my significant other as much as I used to.

A strained closed relationship with a person whom you used to love may create a hostile environment, anxiety, and stress. If love and caring for this person is no longer part of your life, it may be best to part ways for the sake and longevity of both of you.

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