Meet the Grin Reaper

For sure, the grin reaper is unique. Nobody shares the same reaper because the circumstances in life are unique to EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

The Grin Reaper is not coming after lives, instead it holds a ruler that helps measure the gains in longevity by shaping the quality of life. Along the way, it is a crowned ruler who reaps grins – the broad smiles in life.

Let's get started and find out if you are truly a longevity player.

Let’s get started and find out if you are truly a longevity player.

Curious? Dare to see your older self with this fun app.

The first step in meeting your Longevity Grin Reaper is to take a look at your life today by checking your longevity mindset and finding out how many years you have gained (yeah! 😊) or lost so far (yikes! 😱). The tool can open your eyes and mind about the impact of your daily actions in your longevity.

The way the Grin Reaper approaches longevity is by looking at it under a 360 degree lens. Longevity is B.S. (Better Served) if brands and products truly consider the reality of life of consumers. Why do we say this? Because it is observed that:

  • Many executive leaders and brands forget that 50% of the US population will be 40+ years and older in 2030.
  • Longevity is often confused with approaches to extend it in the later part of life.
  • Limited funding prevents great life technology and solutions to reach those individuals in the range of 35 to 64 years, and who are still in time to do something about reaching a great longevity later in life.
  • Longevity innovation in health is often focused on niche wealthy demographics or employer-only programs.
  • The digital health industry underestimates critical issues related to securing the proper infrastructure that provides access to an affordable and speedy connectivity to foster a healthier longevity.
  • Many products and packaging design do not consider the challenges on the ease of use as people age.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is about to take over on the preventive side against aging, meaning using old and long-established drugs to prevent and not only treat aging.
  • Aging in place starts in middle age, not in old age.

The Longevity Ruler Matrix

Longevity Ruler takes into consideration at least five basic factors that greatly influence the longevity of people. The values increase, decrease, or remain constant throughout life.

Do you think that companies and brands truly understand their long-lasting impact on the lives of people?

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FactorThe Impact on Longevity
HealthBeginning at birth health starts to decline throughout life as part of the natural process of aging. Yet, the pace of aging can be modulated across life.
HomeIt is always a constant factor in life. Home helps shape longevity in a major way. An unsafe home negatively affects the quality of life. From our early days of life to death, an individual relies on a place called home.
EducationIt provides the tools to function in society. It helps shape opportunities in life that may lead to an improved longevity. Life-long learning programs may boost the quality of life in later age.
Job or occupationIt provides a way to become productive in life, can be greatly satisfying, and may help increase the quality of life, especially if people like their job or occupation. Retirement and old age causes a decline in life productivity.
IncomeIt is an important fact of life that helps shape the foundation to living. Having money and savings can take further any life, even if a person has limited income. Unfortunately, it declines when stopping work or when using life savings to live.
Leisure, joy, and purposeJoy, leisure, and the purpose of life is a constant factor that makes life more enjoyable. It is abundant in the early years of life (discovery). Then it goes down in mid life (crisis) before turning up again in the later years of life (acceptance).
Longevity Ruler Inc.

In what stage is your target audience in the Longevity Ruler Matrix?

Can you help them stretch their longevity with products and/or services across their lifetime?